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About us

By reflecting back the collective voice and experience of Australians, social research opens up conversation around important issues at the centre of life in Australia, providing the critical insights needed to shape better policy and make a positive difference for the future of all Australians.


Social Research Centre is Australia’s trusted evidence partner, delivering world-class, ethical and culturally-sound social research + evaluation.


We provide innovative social research and evaluation services to Australian researchers, policymakers, academics and business leaders in order to support informed decision-making and advance our understanding of Australian Society and our place in the world.


Life in Australia™

Life in Australia™ is the country’s most methodologically rigorous and representative online panel. With over 10,000 randomly recruited members, Life in Australia™ represents the voices and views of the nation.
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Share your voice and help shape the future of our nation

Australia’s trusted evidence partner leading world-class, ethical and culturally-sound social research and evaluation for over 20 years.

Research services

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We have in-house expertise in a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, supported by highly skilled teams of researchers, evaluators, statisticians, data scientists and subject matter experts.

Trends + Insights

Social trends report

We spotlight the current trends and insights from recent research to reflect on where we are as a society today, and prompt conversation around the society we want for the future.


Research innovation

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We are continually investing in our own practice research to advance the development and application of best practice in study design, data collection, data science, and reporting. 

Featured study

Partner with us to help spotlight important issues and help drive evidenced-based change.

What are the important issues you want to understand and influence?

Our relationship with ANU

We are owned by the Australian National University (ANU) and have unprecedented access to ANU researchers and ANU’s world class research environment.

POLIS: The Centre for Social Policy Research, ANU is a joint initiative of the Social Research Centre and the Australian National University (ANU). The Centre provides significant Australian capacity in undertaking research into applied social research and evaluation methods.