Social Research Centre

Life in Australia™

Established in 2016, this invitation-only study was the first of its kind in Australia. In fact, it remains one of few probability-based online panels available globally.


Life in Australia™ is owned and managed by the Social Research Centre, part of the Australian National University. The panel is available for social research purposes and can be used for omnibus questions or standalone surveys.

Crowd of people crossing the street with blue graphics over the top to represent diverse voices.

With over 10,000 randomly recruited members, Life in Australia™ represents the voices and views of the nation.

How to participate

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Are you a Life in Australia™ member or have you been invited to join Life in Australia™?

Members of Life in Australia™ help to improve our understanding of what Australians think, what they do and what they believe.

Use Life in Australia™ for your research

Life in Australia™ is the highest quality and most trusted online panel in Australia. It exclusively uses random probability-based sampling methods and covers both the online and offline population.