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2023 Social Trends Report

In 2023, the Social Research Centre surveyed over 800,000 individuals. Year after year we continue to make insights and discoveries that spotlight issues and trends that surprise ourselves.

130,000+ telephone surveys

750,000+ online surveys

108 projects


Focus groups & in-depth discussions with over 1,125 Australians

Across 8 Focus Areas


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Attitudes + Values



of Australians think that 

‘It is important for First Nations peoples to have a voice/say in matters that affect them.’

The data suggests that Australians think that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians continue to suffer levels of disadvantage that is both caused by past government policies and that justified extra government assistance. They did not see the Voice model put to them as the right approach to remedy that disadvantage.

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Australian National University x Life in Australia™

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of the Year 10 respondents were planning to eventually go to university after school.

The decade-long GENERATION study follows the journey of young Australians, as they transition to life beyond school. It is the largest longitudinal study of its kind, designed to reflect the collective experience of young Australians – inside and outside school, while providing both participants and educators valuable insights into career interests and post-school plans.

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Education + Knowledge






This landmark research led by The Australian National University and conducted in collaboration with the Australian Council for Educational Research and the Social Research Centre, includes more than 18,000 year 10 students from 300 high schools across Australia. 


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Workforce + Economy



of Australians feel optimistic about Australia’s economic performance in the next five years, despite global economic headwinds.

For nearly two decades, the Lowy Institute’s flagship annual poll has revealed how Australians see the world and their place in it. It is the leading Australian survey on foreign policy and informs public debate. Since 2018, the Lowy Institute Poll has been conducted by the Social Research Centre (SRC), using the Life in Australia™ panel – the only probability-based online panel in Australia.

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Lowy Institute Poll x Life In Australia™

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of Australians are completely satisfied with the relationship they chose as the most important or meaningful

The Relationship Indicators project is a nationally representative survey into the state of relationships in Australia. Relationships are a major part of the human experience. From the moment we are born, we are in relationships with ourselves and others. Relationships Australia has relaunched the Relationship Indicators survey to help us understand the importance of relationships across the course of our lives. 

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Environment + Sustainability







Strong and reliable relationships improve wellbeing, loneliness and mental health, and can predict satisfaction with life more generally.
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Identity + Belonging



of people agreed that the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and the wider Australian community is very important for the nation.

The 2023 Mapping Social Cohesion survey reveals that while Australians have remained remarkably resilient, our social cohesion is under pressure and declining on several fronts, straining the fabric of our communities. 

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We continue to face difficult national and global circumstances, global conflict, economic pressures and uncertainty and division over issues such as the Voice referendum.