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National Survey of Community Satisfaction with Policing (NSCSP)

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The National Survey of Community Satisfaction with Policing (NSCSP) is an annual survey commissioned by all Australian State and Territory Police.


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Aims + Outcomes

The study aims to monitor levels of satisfaction with policing services and feelings of public safety. The results of the survey are both used by policing agencies and published annually in the Report on Government Services (ROGs).


The Social Research Centre conducts the NSCSP at regular intervals throughout the year. The qualifying respondent is the mobile phone owner aged 18 years or over.



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Have you been contacted about participating in this study?

Who participates?

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What are the benefits?

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How does it work?

Your telephone number has been chosen at random from all possible telephone numbers in your area. We find that this is the best way to obtain a representative sample of people across Australia.

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Participation is voluntary and if you agree to participate you are free to withdraw from the study at any time. If you don’t wish to participate in the research you can let the Social Research Centre know by phoning 1800 023 040 .

How do we ensure privacy is protected?

The Social Research Centre complies with the Australian Privacy Principles. All personal contact information such as name, email and phone number is removed from the final data. Your responses will be de-identified, held in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to other organisations for marketing or research purposes. The responses of everyone who participates in this survey will be combined for analysis. Please see the SRC’s Privacy Policy.


How will the information be used?

Participation is always voluntary, but your participation is important.

Why? Because it ensures representativeness and that results can be projected to the population.

Why am I being asked to participate in this research?

Our staff may have contacted you as part of a research survey. We are a social research company, exempt from the Australian Do Not Call Register, meaning we may call telephone numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register to conduct opinion polling and standard questionnaire-based research. We are not telemarketers, we are not selling a product and we do not provide your name or contact information to any other parties. 


The phone numbers we dial are either:

  • Randomly generated by computer, using known telephone exchange prefixes
  • Randomly selected from available telephone directories
  • Provided to us by our clients.


Full Analysis Report (Population Health Test)

Full Analysis Report (Population Health Test)

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Getting more information

If you have any questions about your participation in this study, please contact the Social Research Centre on 1800 023 040 and quote “project number 2555”.