Employer Satisfaction Survey


Employers’ perceptions of higher education institutions in Australia are important to understand. The Australian Government Department of Education and Training has commissioned the Social Research Centre to conduct the Employer Satisfaction Survey to better understand employer experiences with the higher education sector.

The Employer Satisfaction Survey provides the only national measure of the extent to which higher education institutions in Australia are meeting employer needs. Specifically, this survey gathers employer feedback on the extent to which students are being taught the right mix of generic and technical skills to be prepared for the workforce. The research aims to ensure that institutions are responsive to labour market and industry needs.

Why am I being asked to participate in this research?

Your experience as a supervisor of a recent graduate is valuable to us. This survey provides employers and industry with an opportunity to provide feedback and input into the ongoing improvement of higher education.

What does the research involve, and how much time will it take?

The study involves an online survey which will take approximately 7 minutes to complete. It can be completed at a time convenient to you, and you can log back in at a later date if you are unable to finish the survey in one sitting.


All information you provide will remain completely confidential and will not identify you in any way. While the Social Research Centre will collect personal information, your responses are not linked to your name. Any information you provide will only be used for purposes directly related to this research. Your responses will be protected under the Commonwealth Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. Click here to view the SRC’s privacy policy.

It is your choice to participate

If you don’t wish to participate in the research you can let the Social Research Centre know by phoning 1800 023 040 (a free call) or emailing ess@srcentre.com.au

About the Social Research Centre

The Social Research Centre is a fully accredited social research company and is required to comply with applicable privacy laws and takes reasonable steps to protect any personal information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure or loss. Your personal information will not be disclosed to other organisations for marketing or research purposes. You can access your personal information held by the Social Research Centre by contacting them on 1800 023 040.

Our privacy policy is available here, and provides instructions for access to and correcting personal information or making queries about privacy and personal information provided.

Getting more information

If you have any questions about your participation in this survey, please contact the Social Research Centre on 1800 023 040 (a free call) or via email at ess@srcentre.com.au.