Social Research Centre

Dr Paul J. Lavrakas

Senior Methodological Adviser

Paul is a research psychologist and research methodologist, during the past four decades has conducted research, written many articles and books about research, and taught about social research methods. In 2019 Paul received the American Association of Public Opinion Research’s highest accolade: the Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement and was winner of the 2021 AAPOR Book Award with Margaret R. Roller for Applied Qualitative Research Design: A Total Quality Framework Approach.

He joined the NORC at the University of Chicago in 2014 as a Senior Fellow, where he is heavily involved in helping to create its new probability-based online panel, AmeriSpeak. is work at NORC also involves devising experiments to raise response and consent rates, and to lower total survey costs.
Paul is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the ANU Centre for Social Research & Methods. He is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois Chicago and a Senior Research Fellow to the Office for Survey Research at Michigan State University. From 1978-2000 he was a Professor at Northwestern University and then the Ohio State University and was the founding faculty director for the survey centres at each institution. From 2000-2007 he served as chief methodologist for Nielsen Media Research.