Return To Work Outcomes Survey

Client: State Insurance and Regulatory Authority (SIRA)

The State Insurance and Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is committed to improving outcomes for people who are injured at their work. To do this, SIRA would like to hear about people’s experiences, including engagement with their workers compensation insurer.

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SIRA is committed to improving outcomes for people who are injured or become sick at work. To do this they regularly conduct research with clients so they can better understand your experiences and hear your ideas. The research you have been asked to participate in consists of a telephone survey that should take about 5 minutes to complete. During the survey, you will be asked questions about your recovery and your current situation.

Although we value your views and would very much like your input and feedback, you do not have to take part in this research; it is your choice. If you choose not to participate, please call us on freecall 1800 023 040 and simply let us know.

Your contact details were provided to the SRC by SIRA In compliance with privacy laws, SIRA have only provided information about you to The Social Research Centre that is directly relevant to the research. Your personal information will only be used for the purposes of this research, will be de­identified when reported, and will be deleted upon completion of the research.

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