2017 Kindergarten Parents Opinion Survey - Overview

2017 Kindergarten Parents Opinion Survey - Overview

Phase Steps Timeline
1. Prepare Review list of 4 year old Kindergarten services allocated to you In the week prior to survey opening
2. Invite

During this week you will receive an email containing the unique survey link for your services.

Send parents an invitation to the survey via SMS / Email (your choice) using the templates provided.

Let your services know that a postcard containing details of the survey for parents will arrive.

Survey opens October 23
3. Monitor progress and remind parents

You will receive regular updates on the number of surveys completed for each of your services.

Send reminders to parents, if you choose to do so, using the email and SMS templates provided.

Survey closes November 12
4. Receive your report

The Social Research Centre will send you information on how you can access your report containing topline parent responses for each your services.

An example of these reports can be found here.

End of the year
Project Files