Statewide Recreational Fishing Survey 2019-20

Prize Draw Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the Statewide Recreational Fishing Survey Prize Draw:

Welcome pack (Prize Draw 1):

  • Major prize winner - M. Watts
  • Minor prize winners - R. Heward and M. Fourie

May diary (Prize Draw 2):

  • Major prize winner – M. Tookey
  • Minor prize winners – B. Holovati and B. Comben

June diary (Prize Draw 3):

  • Major prize winner – R. Whitman
  • Minor prize winners – F. Lameree and B. Brown

July diary (Prize Draw 4):

  • Major prize winner – C. Burrows
  • Minor prize winners – M. Dunning and W. Nicholas

August diary (Prize Draw 5):

  • Major prize winner – C. Broughton
  • Minor prize winners – N. Orchard and J. Paul

September diary (Prize Draw 6): To be announced

October diary (Prize Draw 7): To be announced

November diary (Prize Draw 8): To be announced

December diary (Prize Draw 9): To be announced

January diary (Prize Draw 10): To be announced

February diary (Prize Draw 11): To be announced

March diary (Prize Draw 12): To be announced

April diary (Prize Draw 13): To be announced

End of diary (Prize Draw 14): To be announced

Prize draw terms and conditions can be found at