Study about young people in Australia

Client: Australian National University and Deakin University

The Social Research Centre is conducting a study on behalf of the Australian National University and Deakin University on the values and opinions of young people (aged 13-18 years) growing up in Australia.

The survey is being conducted using random digit dialling, which means all phone numbers have been selected on a random basis. Because the majority of people eligible for the survey are under 18 years of age, we are seeking permission from parents/guardians before conducting the interview. You may have been contacted for this reason.

The interview would take about 20 minutes to complete.

The survey has been given ethics approval by review committees at the Australian National University (2016/448), Deakin University (2016-173) and Monash University (2016000458). The survey is confidential, and the information and opinions provided will only be used for research purposes. The information will be reported in a form that does not permit the identification of respondents. Respondents are able to withdraw at any time during the interview.

Further information on the project and the principal investigators can be found on Deakin University’s website

Further project information